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For Advisors

As a Financial Advisor planning your next big career move, you face an overwhelming number of options.  Firms are constantly evolving, finding new ways to compete, and the clear choice isn’t always the best solution.  Having the right advocate can often mean the difference between an unfortunate decision and creating the best possible outcome for your practice.  

We help financial advisors explore transition opportunities across the entire wealth management space, including wirehouse firms, regional firms, boutique, independent, RIA, family office, bank, and quasi-independent models. 


Our services are always conducted in strict confidence, without bias, and guarantees the best result for the advisors we represent.  If you are a Financial Advisor, we work with you at no cost.  We are paid a fee by the firm you join and your transition package is never negatively affected. 



"We are a team of four advisors and three staff. With over 300 clients it was imperative, when we made the tough decision to move, that we moved to a superior organization. While we had always been heavily recruited, more often than not there were unmentioned or gloss-over details that could have resulted in an unfortunate decision. We had been tentative about listening to recruiters, but the time spent with Adam convinced us to take the initial steps. The decision he helped us make was not only the right one for our clients, but for us personally as well as financially."

-  Multi-million Dollar Wirehouse Team who joined a Boutique Firm

“When I decided to explore going Independent, I was overwhelmed with options.  I wanted more control over my business, and the freedom to put my client's interests first.  You helped guide me to the right decision, and I could not be happier with the outcome.”


- Wirehouse Advisor who went Independent







Business Meeting


We take the time to get to know your investment philosophy, your goals, and your needs so that we can narrow focus to those opportunities that present the best outcome for your business.  We ask a lot of questions, verify assumptions, and tailor our services to meet your specific goals.



Phase 1:  Discovery

Business Meeting

We weigh pros and cons for each potential opportunity, making sure your decision to move forward is worth your time.  We provide answers to any questions you may have, and ask the questions you haven’t thought of yet.


Phase 2:  Collaboration

We guide you through each step of the due diligence process, from the initial introduction to the day you transition - ensuring the least amount of pain possible.  This is a fact-facing mission that involves expert guidance, strategic negotiation, careful consideration, and coordination of the process from start to finish.  


Men in a Meeting

Phase 3:  Diligence

Before making an informed decision about the future of your practice, it’s time to sit back and reflect on what we have found.  We act as a sounding-board to test the potential of each opportunity and your likelihood of success - making sure your decision to move is truly in your best interest. 

Contract Review

Phase 4:  Reflect